AUR20220 Certificate II in Automotive Air Conditioning Technology

RTA AU25700

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Course Overview
This course is intended for automotive employees wanting to achieve an Automotive Air Conditioning Licence from ARC, enabling them to service and diagnose any equipment containing automotive type air conditioning systems of light vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, mobile plant and agricultural equipment.

This course is for qualified automotive technicians, suitably skilled learners who are currently working in the automotive industry, and third- or fourth-year apprentices who have been awarded sufficient units to meet the air conditioning qualification requirements.

Learners develop the knowledge and skills underpinning the servicing and repair of automotive air conditioning components and systems found in light vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, mobile plant and agricultural equipment. Learners develop safe work practices and environmental awareness while carrying out performance tests, diagnosis, de-gassing, repairs, re-gassing and verification of repairs to light vehicles. These skills are transferrable to other automotive sectors.

Learning Outcome

To be awarded the AUR20220 Certificate II in Automotive Air Conditioning Technology qualification, learners must successfully achieve 13 units of competency (6 core and 7 elective) by assessment of competency.



Units of Competency


Course Delivery and Duration
  • The 3-day course will train and assess competency in 3 automotive air conditioning units of competency.
  • The attainment of the remaining 10 units of competency is through credit transfer (CT)1 and/or recognition of prior learning (RPL)2.
  • Enrolment will remain open for a 12-month duration to enable completion of all components of the qualification; however, the qualification can be attained in a much shorter time.
  • Learners will need to enrol in the Air Conditioning Course and subsequently apply for a Trainee Automotive Air Conditioning Licence from the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).
Note: except for training of the air conditioning units, this qualification is an assessment only pathway and is not offered as part of a Traineeship or train and assess pathway of the non-air conditioning units of competency.

Core and Elective units can be achieved through Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning. Elective units are not exclusive and alternative electives may be applied on presentation of a relevant qualification certificate or statement, Statement of Attainment, or verifiable USI transcript.

Note: 2 restrictions will be applied to your AAC02 Automotive Air Conditioning Licence as the following units are not assessed in the 3-day course:
  • AURETU001 Install air conditioning systems (must not install automotive air conditioning systems)3
  • AURETU007 Overhaul air conditioning and HVAC system compressors (must not overhaul automotive air conditioning components)
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Non-member: $1440

Course Dates
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What’s Next?
  • Register for a course date.
  • Apply for a Trainee Automotive Air Conditioning Licence from the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). A learner cannot attend the course without a valid automotive trainee licence.
  • Fulfill the qualification requirements of the 10 remaining units of competency via credit transfer (submit AUR statements) and/or recognition of prior learning where required.

1 Credit Transfer: this is for learners who have recently achieved an AUR trade qualification or learners/apprentices with enough units to apply to the qualification.
Relevant units of competence will be marked as credit transfers upon producing a recognised academic record showing a list of units that have been deemed competent from a previous qualification, for example, AUR30616. Where there is an insufficient number of units listed on the record to apply and award the qualification, RPL may be required for additional units.

2 Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): this is for qualified automotive technicians or experienced industry personnel who have achieved training/learning through trade experience. To complete the RPL process, learners are required to produce sufficient evidence to achieve the required core and elective units of competency for the qualification. This will include collection of work evidence (job cards, work orders), satisfactory completion of written questions, and having a third-party signatory to verify industry skills. Once the evidence has been submitted and assessed as competent via RPL, the units may be applied to the qualification.

3 RPL of the AURETU001 unit can be requested after enrolment and completion of the 3-day course if the workplace offers this service to customers. 

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